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Chatbots use AI technology to enable real time communication with site visitors and customers via text and audio.

They are particularly interesting for companies who have hundreds, even thousands of website visitors, provide 24/7 customer service and immediate replies to simple questions and enquiries.

Chatbots allow companies to redirect their resources away from repetitive tasks to those which add more value to the business.

There are several chatbox software packages available on the market, details of which can be viewed on the hubspot blog.

Google recently launched a project LaMDA expected to be instrumental for the future generation of Chatbox systems, to the point of ‘engaging in natural conversations with people’. Read more about what the future holds on the blog.

You can also visit the ada blog to request a free Forrester report to

  • Understand the human and technological obstacles posed by highly technical chatbots and
  • Discover the benefits of investing in accessible AI powered chatbots to deliver ROI-driving CX


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