Tik Tok the one to watch in 2022

In 2022 social media app Tik Tok is one to keep firmly on your radar as the channel has surpassed the 1 billion user mark and continues its strong growth projection.

Tik Tok was the number 1 non game app in 2021 in terms of revenue and has great potential to drive sales to young consumers. It is forecast that Millennials and Gen Z will account for over 60% of global online spend by 2025.

When used in a business capacity, Tik Tok is claimed to be very good at building brand awareness and reach, educating the target audience and driving lead generation and conversions, in a creative and entertaining way.

Influencer marketing on Tik Tok, even by more mature celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey (famous chef), is also taking off and delivering very good results.

In 2022 and beyond social shopping is expected to evolve even further as e-commerce platforms are working hard to put in place customer payment features for buyers without them having to leave social media apps, thus creating a seamless customer experience. This is also where Tik Tok is coming into its own as a powerful driver for e-commerce.

Based on video content, Tik Tok has a video generator enabling advertisers to easily create high quality videos in just minutes or upload their own video material.

Check out the Tik Tok for Business site for more information


Also – How to grow you business with Tik Tok ads and open a Tik Tok advertising account



Chatbots, a top digital marketing trend in 2022

Chatbots use AI technology to enable real time communication with site visitors and customers via text and audio.

They are particularly interesting for companies who have hundreds, even thousands of website visitors, provide 24/7 customer service and immediate replies to simple questions and enquiries.

Chatbots allow companies to redirect their resources away from repetitive tasks to those which add more value to the business.

There are several chatbox software packages available on the market, details of which can be viewed on the hubspot blog.


Google recently launched a project LaMDA expected to be instrumental for the future generation of Chatbox systems, to the point of ‘engaging in natural conversations with people’. Read more about what the future holds on the iide.co blog.


You can also visit the ada blog to request a free Forrester report to



Measuring your digital marketing activities

Online marketing has made it much easier for companies to monitor and measure marketing effectiveness and ROI.

KPIs or Key Performance indicators should be clear, measureable and timebound and provide a goal against which you can ascertain if you successfully met your business objectives or not.

KPIs should ideally be combined with campaign metrics which give you valuable insights into why you succeeded or not and allow you to tweak your campaigns accordingly.

An example:

KPI = increase in sales (or profit) of 15% over the next 12 months

Metrics =

There are many marketing automation and other software packages or plug ins providing tools (reports and dashboards) to effectively measure results using established metrics.

Check out the Simple Creative Marketing blog for a 2022 update of ‘The top 10 Digital Marketing Measurement Tools’




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