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When we talk about social networks, we often think of the “historical” ones like Facebook and Instagram, the rising star TikTok, the ones we don’t necessarily use according to our activity or age group like Snapchat, Twitter or LinkedIn or all the ones we’ve already heard of but don’t really know like Pinterest, Reddit or Clubhouse. And did you know that YouTube is also a social network? Yes, it is!

Tik Tok

Let’s start with the most obvious trend, TikTok is gaining more and more traction among users and brands. In 2022, TikTok is the most used social network after Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (Source Hootsuite and Buffer).

So it’s natural to see more and more brands moving towards this social network. If a portion of your customer base shares the TikTok user demographic, it’s important for you to look into it.

Instagram and YouTube

In 2020, Instagram actually released “the real ones” to have a similar feature to TikTok. In 2021, YouTube created “shorts”. And even LinkedIn tried it (inconclusively) in 2021 with “stories”.

Short videos

Which brings us to our second trend: short videos are all the rage on social networks. We don’t have time anymore, we are all over-solicited, and short videos are the best way to get our attention in a few seconds while conveying key information. And brands have understood this.


Another big trend to watch is voice! Clubhouse is a social network released in April 2020 based solely on voice. You can attend live discussions on topics of your choice. Clubhouse had an exceptional growth when it was released.

Why? Clubhouse was invitation-only and it’s a voice-based social network, so it was less of a constraint for everyone to participate frequently.

While the number of users on Clubhouse has dwindled over time, the podcasts (pre-recorded shows on pre-defined topics) have only grown. So voice is a topic to watch for in 2023, as it can be very useful in your communication.

It is important to remember that each social network has its own audience, its own codes and its own usefulness. And for the future? The other trends to watch will of course be augmented reality and the metaverse in particular.

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