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In 2020, everyone was interested in digitalisation and the importance of having a strong online presence because it was the only channel available. Two years later, it’s less of a topic. However, to believe that working on your brand image online is just a passing trend would be a very big mistake!

But what is brand image? Or what we call “branding”? In a few simple words, it is your graphic and visual signs and your way of communicating. It ranges from your logo to your slogan, from your colours to the font you use.

Take for example IKEA. Everyone knows their blue and yellow. Everyone also knows the famous slogan “IKEEEEEEEA”. The same goes for McDonalds with their yellow and red colours. Apple and Tesla are also brands that have created a premium brand identity that is simple, technological and ahead of its time.

Now that we’ve clarified what online branding is, why is it so important? This “universe”, this consistency allows you to do several things:

  1. Be easily identifiable (and therefore stand out from your competitors);
  2. Affirm and transmit your values;
  3. Create a sense and desire to belong to your own brand because people recognise themselves in your values.

So the next question is “How can I work this?”

  1. Ask yourself the right questions:
  2. Who is your persona (who is your typical customer?)
  3. What are the values you want to transmit?
  4. What tone do you want to use?
  5. Choose colours and font that convey these values
  6. Update your visuals (website, flyers, social networks) so that they are in line with the universe you have created
  7. Communicate on this change and use the chosen tone in all your communications

If you want to learn more, take advantage of free workshops organised by the House of Entrepreneurship or trainings, such as the “Boost your business” cycle, organised by the House of Training.


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