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Online Customer Review Management

In 2023, managing online customer reviews is critical to the success of any business. A crucial element, but one that is still under-valued in many sectors. This may seem surprising at a time when we all use the Internet and reviews to confirm the legitimacy of a product or a service. Who hasn’t looked at reviews the last time you wanted to book a hotel, go to a new restaurant or buy a new product? It’s perfectly normal and you’re not alone. It’s called social proof.

That’s why we trust critics, influencers or experts, because we trust their judgment. And when unfortunately we don’t have access to these experts, nor to a trusted person to share their experience with us, we trade quality for quantity. We start from a simple observation: if a certain number of people say it is good, it must be good. Or at least we minimize the risk that the product or service ordered is different from the one we get.

Marketing aspect

Now that we understand the psychological importance of reviews, we can also talk about the marketing aspect. On some platforms, such as Google, Amazon or app stores, very good ratings and a high number of ratings promote SEO very strongly. This is normal, these platforms want their users (us) to find what they want quickly, so that we continue to use these platforms.

Succeeding with online customer review management

Let’s focus now on the keys to effective customer review management in 2023:

1. Monitor them regularly. Always have alert messages or emails as soon as you receive a review on the platforms you care about (Google, TripAdvisor, Amazon, Etsy, PlayStore, App Store, etc.).

2. Respond to reviews promptly, whether they are positive to thank your customers to show your gratitude or negative to start a conversation with your unhappy customers and find solutions to their problems.

3. Respond in a courteous and professional manner. You are a business, with a brand image. Your responses impact the image your customers and prospects will have of you. Do you want to appear as a company that doesn’t listen to its customers or that reacts quickly or as a company with strong values that is open to dialogue with its customers?

4. Encourage customers to leave online reviews. Companies can send follow-up emails after the purchase to ask customers for their opinion and give them the opportunity to leave a review. Companies can also use social media to encourage customers to leave reviews.

5. Use reviews to improve your products and services. Understanding constructive feedback helps you improve the quality of your products or services.

6. Use reviews on your site or in your communication to create social proof. Reviews are an integral part of your brand identity. Keep this in mind when responding and interacting. It can be a liability as well as your greatest asset.

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